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guided meditation

Meditation allows us to go beyond the everyday into who we really are.

Meditation is an altered state of consciousness that results in a deeply relaxed state of being that can be used to either increase or decrease your awareness of the world around you.


In all forms of meditation there is some sort of focus that aims at first to simply reduce and eventually to eliminate the chatter of daily life and the stresses of the environment in which we live; providing a haven within which we are free to connect with our inner being.


It helps us to overcome the problems and illusions we create for ourselves and which we allow others to create for us, and it also helps us to overcome those habits that we have formed which hold us back.

The art of focusing and awareness of being in the moment changes brain activity, which leads to an opening up of ourselves to the joy of the Universe. 


Mindfulness is paying attention to the present moment, with curiosity and non-judgement.


Essentially, mindfulness is non-judgemental awareness of your moment to moment experience. In practice, mindfulness is designed to illuminate some of the most common and stressful ways that we can relate to our inner and outer worlds. 


The aim is to help individuals relate to themselves in a way that fosters openness, relaxation, and growth.


Once achieved, the individual has a powerful tool that can help them unwind years of negative mental patterns. He or she can create a powerful inner environment and begin to understand their own depth and resources.


The only goal of mindfulness is to be fully present with what's happening in the moment. To be fully present with your experience.

Guided Meditation Sessions
60-minute Session – $75

60-minute Virtual Session - $75
3-session Guided Meditation Package – $200

6-session Guided Meditation Package – $400

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